At JPL, we strongly believes that an ethical business should support local communities, deprived or otherwise, whilst operating to a strategy in achieving a defined sustainable targets. A profit making organisation mixed with fairness and equality can be synonymous.

JPL is known to be acting with integrity at all times, while avoiding conflict of interest and situations that are inconsistent with our professional values and obligations.

We seek to;

✓ Treat others with absolute ‘Respect’.

✓ Act ‘Honourably’.

✓ Be ‘Objective’ at all times.

✓ Act with ‘Integrity’.

✓ Take responsibilities for all of our ‘Actions’.

✓ Be open and transparent in our ‘Dealings’.

✓ Know and act within our legal ‘limitations’.

✓ Always be prepared to act if we suspect a risk to safety and ‘Malpractice’.

✓ Most importantly, ‘maintain the confidentiality of our client’s affairs’.

Having committed to these core values, we are confident that our business ethical standards will provide our Clients with the confidence required to employ us, which then means they are buying into an ethical and honest partnering, whose best interests are those we serve.