The continuing success of JPL relies solely on shrewd compliant policies across our divisions, with healthy employees while ensuring safety and welfare of people who may be affected by our various activities, including members of the public.

JPL is totally committed to achieving the highest levels of Health & Safety provision throughout all areas of functionalities. The statements of intent are in place with which promotes health, safety and welfare platforms as a mutual objective for management and employees at all levels throughout the organisation’s diverse operations.

In addition to the statements of intent on this crucial issue, and in accordance with its duty under Section 2(3) of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, fulfilling those obligations are at the forefront of our operations to employees and as well as members of the public.

We therefore place a high priority on the provision of working environments that are safe and without risk to all JPL Employees, Contractors, Clients and members of the public. JPL employs full time experienced Health & Safety Managers, who ensures our commitment to Health & Safety is at the forefront of our business delivery.


The duties of the Safety Manager include but are not limited to:

  • Establishing safe working platforms for the varied activities whilst advising Managers on safe delivery of projects.
  • The golden policy that stated, “If it is not safe, do not dot it”. Unsafe conditions wouldn’t be negotiable and all our workers have full support for refusing to work when unsafe.
  • Completing regular site audits to ensure that all of our sites remain compliant with current legislative requirements, as to assist Clients in maintaining a safe working environment for all site personnel.
  • Make provisions for sufficient training and resources to enable the company and individuals to discharge their general health and safety responsibilities.
  • Setting challenging health and safety objectives both for the company and for its managers, and monitoring progress against those objectives. Individual health and safety objectives will and never be compromised for other business objectives.
  • Reviewing current training levels of all Staff and Operatives to ensure that the required training levels are maintained.
  • Reviewing and revising risk assessments to ensure best practice is maintained at all times.
  • Actively committed to Network Rail LUL licensing requirements where applicable.
  • Ensure the security of all our staff and premises.
  • Adhere with all QUENCH & LUL standards and requirements.
  • Adhere to the Railway Group Safety Plan in-line with Network Rail’s Policy statements.
  • Investigating all accidents, incidents and near misses and introducing corrective actions to prevent recurrence.


JPL SHEQ Managers conduct and compiles reports across all sites and projects involved to maintain JPL on Health & Safety prerequisites.