Training and Developments are keys elements in equipping our workforce in-line with the ever changing requirements of skilled professionals.

The training needs of our Operatives are reviewed constantly and they are encouraged to progress within the Company.

All of our workers have achieved excellent industries accredited Qualifications across the Constructions, Rails, Hospitals, Residential, Domestics and as well as Private Infrastructures.

We invest heavily in the training of our Staff. Our budget for training is set annually and we invest in our Staff to address the short, medium and long term skills gap. Training improves workers performance, increases workforce retention, contributes to Health & Safety and promotes a commitment to the company through inward investment.

JPL resource is committed to the encouragement of continued professional development and target based vocational training. We have imbibed the culture of developing a comprehensive training matrix for all of our Employees, allowing management to monitor current training achievements and to plan for future operative developments. This can be developed on a project basis to meet specific training requirements.