JPL Highways and Traffic Maintenance (TM) works are service platform to Highways infrastructures across the UK. We are among the leading providers of services to Highways agencies.


We have been involved in various works on a multitude of the UK’s major highway projects. We have within our ranks, bunch of industries best specialist and skilled operatives with successful projects experiences.

Some works includes;

the A63 in Hull and the A38 in Derby, re-waterproofing and resurfacing the bridge, also includes replacing joints and concrete repairs as well as predominantly resurfaced the road and footpaths, replaced street lights and fencing and signages.

Our personnel has vast experiences in drainage, earthworks, concrete structures, paving, piping and excavations with industry standard qualifications relating to skills and roles.

JPL has been at forefront in personnel supply to Highways England by helping with the increasingly reliant on efficient and effective ICT across all their work. We are adopting an enterprise architecture approach across our involvements and constantly revised our architectural approach on delivery models to be complaint with The Industry Advisory Group (IAG) service delivery models.

We also have suitable and competent Operatives that covers all TM roles for all works, including;

Diversion routes, Temporary traffic lightings, Convoy workings, Mounting barriers, Road / Lane closures, Vertical Concrete Barrier Systems, Traffic Safety Officers, Permanent / temporary Safety Fencing, Provision of men on site for manual operations, etc.


Should you wish to contact us directly regarding Highways & Tunnelling workforce, for a no-obligation site survey or just some professional advice on how we can be invloved on your intending projects, please e-mail us at or complete the contact form and we will respond within 24 hours.