JPL Group recognise that it is our responsibility as a company to reduce any detrimental effects on the environment that may arise as a result of our work on various industries. We strive to take action to minimise and control waste at the procurement, installation and disposal stages, whilst adopting measures to limit pollution to air, ground and watercourses and reduce consumption of nonrenewable resources.

 We aim to progress further in our proactive approach towards environmental practices and adopted the culture of evaluating our products / materials and as well as identifying the environmental impact on a regular basis. As an installers of various equipment, materials and products, taking into accounts, the most environmental friendly products forms a huge part of our selection exercise.

We have been involved in accountable sourcing with our various manufacturers while growing the number of reliable products available which in turns enable us to have the more environmental friendly products for our services across divisions.

JPL Group has subsequently introduced a variety of sustainability initiatives to enhance our performance, including monitoring site environmental conditions and maximising opportunities for reusables of offcuts and recycling of every other waste as a result of our works.

In the UK, 13% of construction materials delivered to site go into the skip without ever being used”

At JPL, we believe we have a responsibility to ensure our environment is protected and sustainable. An awareness of environmental issues is increasingly important in this day and age and we hope by fulfilling our environmental objectives, we can help improve the working practices in the industries to which we offer our services and reduce our carbon footprint.

Encouraging excellence in Environmental practices

At JPL, we understands that, achieving our environmental goals relies heavily on our employees successfully implementing our ideals on and off site. To ensure these are met, JPL runs an Environmental reward scheme incentive for employees who are championing environmental performance on site or continually perform to a high standard of compliance. We also operate a red, yellow, green card policy on site. A red card is expulsion after a major breach of environmental site rules, yellow is a warning and green is a reward card for good performance.