This policy sets out JPL’s aims and objectives for the management of health in relation to stress at work.

JPL is committed to promoting a healthy and supportive working environment to all their staff. To this end, JPL believes that its staff are its most important asset and that their well-being is essential to effective work performance and the provision of high quality services.

Whilst JPL has no control over external or personal factors, it is committed, where possible, to manage risks which are within its control. It is also committed to develop procedures, staff development measures and support systems to help all staff understand and recognise the nature and causes of stress and to take positive steps to manage stress effectively including encouraging employees to achieve a good work-life balance in order to enhance their well-being.

This policy applies to all staff.

Aims of the Policy

  • To maximise the physical and psychological health and well-being of all staff.
  • To encourage the creation of a working environment in which employees and managers are proactive in the identification of opportunities to enhance employee well-being.
  • To promote a healthy and safe environment, which fosters a culture of trust, co-operation and mutual respect and within which all staff treat each other with dignity.
  • To develop a culture that is supportive and non judgmental of people with mental health problems.
  • To provide timely, effective and appropriate assistance for staff in managing stress in themselves and in others. In particular, to encourage better individual recognition and management of personal health issues, which is particularly important for issues of mental well-being where “stress” can be a response to a number of factors.
  • To reduce and, if possible, control risks to mental health and stress in relation to work.
  • To recognise that action to prevent stress is far more effective than dealing with it after it has arisen.


This Policy is reviewed annually by JPL