JPL services are available for “modifications” should you have an existing remedial works that requires modifying or refurbishing, which can potentially be a more cost effective solution than a complete replacement project. With vast experiences within our ranks, we can provide advice on the most cost effective solution for you.

You are sure to benefit from JPL being completely independent, this means we can supply any product that matches your needs, even if your existing building areas was installed some time ago and with no existing specifications at your disposal, the resources and knowledge within JPL will be able to identify and match the right solution for you while saving you extra time and cost.

Should you find yourself in a position where you have had a sub-standard works or installations completed by another company, we can use our comprehensive technical knowledge to provide you with a detailed recommendation for the best way to resolve the situation. Again, the benefit of being completely independent means that regardless of the products used, we will be able to complete the modifications for you.

JPL has been successfully involved in service platform across construction, rail, tunnelling & highways, facilities maintenance since 2015. Therefore, quality and client’s satisfaction are our highest priority.

One of the key factors that helped JPL become of of the Multi Services companies in the UK is simply because we are completely independent,which allows us to use the product that is compliant and environmental friendly for our clients’ requirements.


Should you wish to contact us directly regarding supply of labour to construction, rail, highways & tunnelling and facilities maintenance, for a no-obligation site survey or just some advice, please e-mail us at or complete the contact form and we will respond within 24 hours.