Our bespoke JPL Construction packages consists of Managements and logistics builders works, Labour Supply, Traffic Marshall & Banksman, Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) Skilled Workers, Flooring, Fixer & Tape and Jointing, Paint and Decorate, Demolition gangs, Bricklaying, Security and Site aftercare facilities management with our control service in consolidation expertise being concentrated nationwide. We are tailored and able to offer national coverage on commercial, residential and private works and light civil services to exceptional standards of quality and reliability to suit your timescale and budget needs.

Whether your project is:

  • Redevelopment and ‘new build’
  • Commercial or Industrial
  • Data Centres
  • Education
  • Health Sector
  • Extension to your existing building and homes

Being independent allows us to supply and install all types of infrastructure to suit our customers’ exact specifications. We provide a competitive, detailed and accurate estimate, without the need for a retention payment. The products supplied are all fully compliant to the standards detailed in job specification.  We supply and install various construction works and as well as incorporation of Clients’ supplied products / items.

JPL has been successfully involved in service platform across construction, rail, tunnelling & highways, facilities maintenance since 2015. Therefore, quality and client’s satisfaction are our highest priority.

One of the key factors that helped JPL become of of the Multi Services companies in the UK is simply because we are completely independent,which allows us to use the product that is compliant and environmental friendly for our clients’ requirements.


Should you wish to contact us directly regarding supply of labour to construction, rail, highways & tunnelling and facilities maintenance, for a no-obligation site survey or just some advice, please e-mail us at info@jplogistics.co.uk or complete the contact form and we will respond within 24 hours.